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My name is Andrew and I'm a veteran gamer and average just like you. This blog comprises of the earliest games in history to present games out now. Follow and enjoy.
Currently Playing (Campaign) - Tropico 4,Skyrim,Sleeping Dogs , Rugby league 2
Currently Playing (Multiplayer) - MW2, Battlefield Bad Co. 2
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Thank you guy’s for your support .  We are currently Busy with other projects . but feel free to go through our archive of over 1000 posts . untill we return :)

Thank you all 

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Borderlands 2

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You gotta name, miss?
You can call me Elizabeth.

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Uncharted Tv Tropes → B

Left 4 Dead campaign posters

My name is Cloud. SOLDIER, 1st Class.

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They speak about freedom and justice. But for who?

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